Black Rose

Black Rose


Black Rose is a petite black cat who has the biggest eyes you have ever seen; we think that she may be part cat part owl. She uses them to make sure that she knows what is going on around her and loves to be able to look out the windows and people watch, or dog watch at her current house.


She is a very energetic cat and she loves to be on the go. She loves to play with her toys and can happily keep herself occupied for hours. She does like other cats and she will happily chase them  around. She loves to fly through the sky as she loves to show off her acrobatic tendencies while chasing and catching toys.


She loves the camera and was forever photo bombing any other cats photoshoots just to make sure she is seen. I am sure she would love to be involved in Zoom meetings if you work from home.


All Little Paws kitties come to you vet checked, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flea treated and litter trained.  As we are a rescue group, the adoption fee is not negotiable. Little Paws kitties are indoor or cat enclosure only and must go to homes that intend them to stay that way, for their safety and health and for the environment.  It is our foster carer’s choice as to which home a kitty goes to. We match kitties to their new family; we do not necessarily “sell” to the first caller. As our foster carers are all volunteers raising kitties in their own home, we would appreciate a call if you cannot make an appointment.

  • Gender


  • Date of Birth


  • Breed

    Domestic Short Hair

  • Special Qualities

    Loves to play

  • Affection Level

    Very Affectionate

  • Child Friendly


  • Cat Friendly


  • Dog Friendly

    untested but should be ok after slow introduction

  • Foster Carer


    0421 021 661 (call or text preferred)

  • Location

    Loganlea, 4131