Lily and Charlie


Lily and Charlie are a special dual adoption – mother and son! Lily is a beautiful short hair cat, with lovely green eyes. Her hobbies include sleeping, relaxing, chatting, and grooming Charlie (and occasionally grooming her foster carer).


Charlie has a gorgeous medium-length white coat, and just try not to be dazzled by his incredible different coloured eyes. Charlie’s hobbies include chilling, napping, and sometimes playing with toys if he’s in a playful mood. He’s a big boy, but very gentle.

Both Charlie and Lily will approach you with head bumps for pats when they want them, but they are not needy at all. While they both like pats and have lovely purrs, they are also happy to just curl up near you, or curl up together and watch you while you do your household chores!


All Little Paws kitties come to you vet checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro chipped, wormed, flea treated and litter trained.  As we are a rescue group, the adoption fee is not negotiable. Little Paws kitties are indoor or cat enclosure only and must go to homes that intend them to stay that way, for their safety and health and for the environment.  It is our foster carer’s choice as to which home a kitty goes to. We match kitties to their new family; we do not necessarily “sell” to the first caller. As our foster carers are all volunteers raising kitties in their own home, we would appreciate a call if you cannot make an appointment.

  • Gender

    Lily (Female)

    Charlie (Male)

  • Date of Birth

    Lily (27/1/10)

    Charlie (1/7/12)         

  • Breed

    Lily (Domestic Short Hair)

    Charlie (Domestic Medium Hair)

  • Special Qualities

    Beautiful soft white coats, friendly, relaxed

  • Affection Level


  • Child Friendly

    Older children

  • Animal Friendly

    Yes, quiet dog

  • Foster Carer



  • Location

    Carina 4152