Mr Lazy

Mr Lazy


***Member of the Little Miss and Mr Men Characters***

Hi, my name is Mr Lazy, and I got my name because after I eat it is nap time, as I need to conserve all my energy to digest my food. I am a very cute little Ginger boy and I love to be around humans.


One of the cutest things that I do is wag my tail like a dog, especially while I am walking around the house, I think it enhances my strut. I am a friendly little kitten and do love the company of people I like to follow them around the house to make sure that I know where they are, but when they sit down it is nap time for me, somewhere around them but not on them.


When I am in play mode it is on, I do roly polys over my sisters as I am playing catch with them. I love a laser pointer, that red dot is the enemy and I will catch it. I love other cats and kittens but the resident cats are the best as they groom me so I don’t have to. This is great as when I take my naps I do like to be nice and clean.


Did I mention that I LOVE food, and I will sprawl on the floor behind the two-legged food bearer and wait patiently for my dinner to be made, did I mention that I lie behind her to make sure that she has to watch out to make sure she doesn’t stand on me.


All Little Paws Kitten Rescue cats and kittens come to you vet checked, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flea treated, and litter trained. As we are a rescue group, the adoption fee is not negotiable. Little Paws Kitten Rescue cats and kittens are indoor or cat enclosure only and must go to homes that intend them to stay that way. This is for their safety, the health of the cat or kitten and for the environment. It is our foster carer’s choice as to which home a cat or kitten goes to. We match the cats and kittens to the adoptee; we do not necessarily “sell” to the first caller. As our foster carers are all volunteers raising the cats and kittens in their own home, we would appreciate you letting them know if you cannot make an appointment.

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    Domestic Short Hair

  • Special Qualities

    Loves his food

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    0420887055 (preferred)

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    Sunnybank, 4109