Muscat is a boy kitten who has energy to burn, he is always on the go and loves to play whether it is with the humans or with other cats or kittens. Muscat is an independent kitten and is easily able to amuse himself.


He is a little shy when meeting people for the first time. He does not give his love easily and his trust will need to be earned, but when you hear his purrs you know that you are special to him.


He loves to play, and his favourite toys are anything that is on a wand he loves to be able to fly through the air and show off all his cat like reflexes.  He will come running up if you start play with a wand toy at a million miles per hour. 


He is a very handsome sleek black panther.


All Little Paws kitties come to you vet checked, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flea treated and litter trained. As we are a rescue group, the adoption fee is not negotiable. Little Paws kitties are indoor or cat enclosure only and must go to homes that intend them to stay that way, for their safety and health and for the environment. It is our foster carer’s choice as to which home a kitty goes to. We match kitties to their new family; we do not necessarily “sell” to the first caller. As our foster carers are all volunteers raising kitties in their own home, we would appreciate a call if you cannot make an appointment.

  • Gender


  • Date of Birth


  • Breed

    Domestic Short Hair

  • Affection Level


  • Child Friendly

    Older children

  • Animal Friendly

    Other cats, no dogs

  • Foster Carer


    0412 341 000

  • Location

    Greenbank 4124